Ringing the changes part 2

So, my first post about how I changed my name with various organisations was starting to get a bit long, so this is a continuation.  The first can be seen here – Ringing the changes

I hope this detail on my experience helps.  I will probably get round to doing a normal blog post again at some point.

6. Admiral Car Insurance.  I e-mailed their customer services asking for the best way to go about changing name and gender.  They responded quite quickly telling me just to e-mail them at customerservices@admiral.com with the details of the change.  I did this detailing new and old name and specifically that there was the gender change too.  After a couple of weeks of stiff ignoring I called them on the phone.  The representative informed me that it was in the process of being changed, they then reversed the changes before putting them straight whilst I was on the phone.  Five minutes later I logged into the online system and my certificate of insurance had been replaced with a new shiny one in the name of Mrs Amy Georgia xxxx and Mrs Helen E. xxxx.  So that all seemed straight forward and didn’t even need the deed poll to be sent.  I guess the final proof of this will be at renewal time.

7. The NHS.  This one was easy.  I wrote to the practice manager at the Drs asking them to update my records at the surgery.  They then called and said they would need to see Deed Poll. We dropped this in so they could see it.  They then informed that after they had updated the surgery records this would then ripple through to update all NHS records.  No further action was needed.  Very professional and helpful.

8. Driving license. This too was quite simple, which surprised me.  You need form D1 from the Post Office or ordered from online for free. Then tick boxes in section 1 to Change Name and Renew Photo.  Then enter current driver number into box in Section 2. Put new name in box in Section 2.  Also put old name in the free field text box in Section 2. Nothing to do in Sections 3 and 4.  Then it was Section 5 that I thought would be hard.  For proof of ID I used my Passport, even though this is still in my old name and old photo.  I entered Passport number in Part A of Section 5 and then put an X in the box for Deed Poll in proof of name change in Part B.   Then added new photo (which wasn’t signed by a witness) and signed the document in Section 7.  Then sent off with Deed Poll to the right address.  New license with right name back in a couple of weeks.


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